Wayne Cherry – Melbourne Artist

Painting makes me feel good!  When I paint I’ m in another place, I love to create and see my visions and ideas communicated on the canvas.  I enjoy watching, hearing and discussing the reactions of others whether intended or their own personalised interpretations.

I would describe myself as a flexible and integrated artist, enjoying all types of styles and medium.

When I was young I loved to draw cartoons, inspired by Walt Disney and his creativity and ability to make art come to life to tell a story.  I was in awe of watching artists fill a canvas and show people a vision of what was minutes before only in their minds.  As I got older I was introduced to the works of the masters and was truly amazed of how artists such asMichael Angelo was able to depict what was happening in his era with such skill and intensity.

Today through my art I like to be creative, tell a story and share my ideas.  The diversity of my subjects have included cars, ships, trains and planes to astronauts, animals, portraits, dancers, people in a variety of environments and landscapes.  Recently I have been passionate to communicate visually the changing world in which we live and themes related to time, change and sharing.

Hope you enjoy my creations,